Project Acquisition & Syndication Process


At GenCap we use our industry connections and years of experience to locate and secure quality properties in growth areas. Ideal acquisition targets feature characteristics such as

  • Strategic location
  • Buildings that require refurbishing
  • High rental demand and low vacancy rates
  • Distressed or absentee ownership
  • Low cost acquisition relative to market

GenCap carries out extensive market research to identify opportunities for growth. We target properties we believe will benefit from such things as upcoming neighborhood redevelopment, infrastructure investment, and zoning changes. Once we have identified a project that meets our criteria, we then carry out thorough due diligence, ensuring that each of the properties in the proposed portfolio are environmentally and structurally sound, the financial returns and assumptions on each property are realistic and acheivable and that there are no legal encumbrances or restrictions.

If the proposed project meets all our minimum investment requirements we procideed to the Syndication stage. We facilitate our syndications by performing all the services necessary to set up and maintain property owning limited partnerships.

  • We provide initial capital to acquire suitable property and arrange financing
  • We establish and register the limited partnership, and provide the opportunity for investors to act as limited partners
  • We prepare all necessary documentation, including an offering memorandum fully disclosing the financial structure of the project
  • Third party review by experts in securities and partnership law ensures the project is fully compliant with all applicable legislation
  • Closure of the partnership is guaranteed and interim cash flow coverage is provided

In the initial years of the project, costs associated with syndication services and property improvement are factored into the equity requirement for the partnership, thereby providing tax relief to investors.


About Us:

Genesis Capital Partners, Inc. (“GenCap”) is a company with strong ethical standards committed to providing its clients with exceptional service and solid real estate investment returns. GenCap is managed by a group of finance and real estate professionals with over 50 years of combined experience in the financial and real estate markets in Canada. GenCap offers investors the opportunity to invest in real estate opportunities with potential for high and consistent returns. GenCap prides itself in providing investment opportunities to the average investor that would otherwise only be available to the very wealthy. By becoming a part of a syndication, investors have a direct proportional ownership in a particular property whether it be an existing commercial office building, residential income property, a development opportunity or land By striving to meet the highest standards, GenCap’s goal is to build long lasting relationships, achieve solid returns from real estate investments, and build significant wealth for its clients for generations to come. (Find out more)

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