Metro Detroit Income Properties
Limited Partnership


The Metro Detroit Income Properties Limited Partnership ("MDIP" or "MDIP LP") is strategically positioned to take advantage of the recent historic financial crisis in the United States and severe downturn in the residential housing market that has forced banks to foreclose on tens of thousands of homes.

MDIP's objective is to provide investors with ongoing cash flow from a portfolio of high income-producing real estate located in Detroit, Michigan where the housing market has been particularly hard hit and median home prices have fallen by more than 60% from their historic highs. To take advantage of this opportunity, MDIP has structured a Limited Partnership investment to allow Canadian investors the opportunity to invest in a large pool of single-family residential properties in the U.S. with Metro Property Management, the leading property acquisition and management company in the Detroit area.

MDIP’s portfolio of selected properties are located in prime residential neighborhoods in Metropolitan Detroit where there is a low cost of entry with strong cash flows combined with a high probability of increasing home values and a significant return potential to investors. The aim is to capitalize on the troubled U.S. real estate market by acquiring quality assets at distressed prices.

Pursuant to the Marketing Services Agreement signed with the MDIP LP, GenCap has agreed to provide exclusive marketing services to assist MDIP in identifying and attracting both private individuals and prospective institutional investors. Currently MDIP LP is only available to sophisticated and qualified investors that are exempt from prospectus requirements in British Columbia. The Units are denominated in U.S. currency with cash flow earned by the property portfolio and paid out quarterly in U.S. dollars. The minimum investment required for each accredited investor is US$25,000 with subsequent minimum investments available in increments of US$5,000 based on a unit value of US$10.00.

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Financial Summary

  • Quarterly income payments
  • 13% anticipated CF return
  • Strong capital appreciation potential


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